Photo of Financial Services Assosciation

An FSA is an approach to support the rural poor population in ac-cessing a wide range of financial services and better manage their own resources efficiently. It combines the principles of an invest-ment company that focuses on risk capital, financial returns, and shareholder value and that of community finance that focuses on proximity, social capital, user ownership, and outreach to the poorer segments of the community. The FSA combines the advantages of user ownership together with modern governance, management and contract enforcement techniques to create an effective financial in-stitution.

Financial services Association (FSA) is a form of micro finance institution providing a wide range of financial services only to its shareholders at an affordable cost and accessibility. Mission: To provide a wide range of affordable, efficient and effec-tive financial services to the poorest of the poor in Sierra Leone.

FSAs in Sierra Leone will be operationally self sufficient and sustainable. It is owned and financed, (by the community through subscription of shares), owner used and owner managed. FSA s are established and situated in chiefdom headquarter town in most of the chiefdoms across the Country.

All Sierra Leoneans and even foreigners (irrespective of age or col-our) are eligible to join the FSA provided you have meet the fol-lowing qualifications:

  • Must be a human being of sound mind
  • Must be of mature age (guarantors are required in case of mi-nors)
  • Willing to form a group of 5 shareholders, in case one wants to access FSA loans.
  • Must be willing to abide by the rules and regulations set in the constitution of FSA.

An individual or a firm/church/mosque/academic institution/groups can be a shareholder of FSA. For more information, just pay a visit to the nearest FSA during official hours:

Weekdays:8:30AM----3:00 p.m
Saturday:9:00AM-----12:00 noon
Following are the initial requirements
  1. Le 5,000 as registration fees (one-time off)
  2. Le 5,000 for pass book.
  3. Le 5,000 per share. One can purchase as many shares as possi-ble. Sales of shares is continuous and ongoing. Meaning addi-tional shares can be purchased at any time.
  4. Two (2) passport size photographs.
How to Access Loan

A Shareholder can access Loan 4 times the share value or 10% of the total share capital raised at any given time (Whichever is less).

  • Money transfer facility- Airtel money, Western Union, Splash etc.
  • Safekeeping of valuable items such as liquid cash, house plans car log book etc.

FSAs established in Sierra Leone

No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
Koinadugu District
1 Sengbe FSA Kabala Town Sengbe
2 Kasonko Fadugu Kasonko
3 Diang Kondembaia Diang
4 Neni Alkalia Neni
5 Dembelia Sinkunia Sinkunia Dembelia Sinkunia
6 Wara wara Bafodia Bafodia Wara wara Bafodia
7 Folosaba Dembelia Musaia Folosaba Dembelia
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
1 Nimikor FSA Jiaima Town Nimikoro
2 Nimiyama FSA Ngo town Nimiyama
3 Sandor FSA Wordu Town Sandor
4 Fiama FSA Ngegbewema Town Fiama
5 Lei FSA Kombayende Town Lei
6 Gorama Kono FSA Kangama Town Gorama Kono
7 Sowa FSA Kainkadu Town Sowa
8 Gbaneh FSA Gardoun Town Gbaneh
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
Kailahun District
1 Peje West FSA Bundumbu 111 Peje West
2 Mandu FSA Mobai Town Mandu
3 Luawa FSA Ngiehun Town Luawa
4 Kissi Kama FSA Dia Town Kissi Kama
5 Kissi Teng FSA Kangama Town Kissi Teng
6 Yawei FSA Baaka Town Yawei
7 Peje Bongre FSA Manowa town Peje Bongre
8 Maleme FSA Jojuma Town Malema
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
Kenema District
1 Niawa FSA Sandumei Town Niawa
2 Gaura FSA Joru Town Gaura
3 Dama FSA Kpandabu Town Dama
4 Kandu Leppiama FSA Levuma Kandu Leppiama
5 Tunkia FSA Gorhun Tunkia Tunkia
6 Wandor FSA Bama Konta Wandor
7 Lower Bambara FSA Panguma Lower Bambara
8 Nongowa FSA Largo MalemaNongowa
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
1 Sowa FSA Bandajuma Sowa Sowa
2 Gallinese Perri FSA Bompeh Town Gallinese Perri
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
Bonthe District
1 Bum FSA Madina Town Bum
2 Kpanda Kemo FSA Lawana Town Kpanda Kemo
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
1 Lowa Banta FSA Gbangbatoke Town Lowa Banta
2 Bompeh FSA Gbangbatoke Town Lowa Banta
5 Kissi Teng FSA Kangama Town Kissi Teng
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
1 Baoma FSA Gerehun Town Baoma
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
1 Mambolo FSA Mambolo Town Mambolo
2 Tonko Limba FSA Kamasasa Town Tonko Limba
3 Magbema FSA Rokupr Town Magbema
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
1 Debia FSA Gbinti Town Debia
2 Koya FSA Masiaka Town Kopya
3 Lokomasama FSA Lokomasama Town Lokomasama
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
1 Gbndembu Ngohaun FSA Gbendembu Town Gbndembu Ngohaun
2 Gbanti kamaranka FSA Kamaranka Gbanti Kamaranka
3 Biriwa Limba FSA Kamabai Biriwa
No. Name of FSA Location Chiefdom
1 Konenkie Barrina FSA Makeli Town Konenkie Barrina
2 Gbonkolenken FSA Yele Town Lowa BantaGbonkolenken
3 Kalasonkia FSA Bumbuna Town Kalasonkia